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Openforce’s insurance subsidiary—ICM Insurance Services—has partnered with One80 Intermediaries, a specialized insurance brokerage in the transportation industry. This partnership enables three additional insurance products that can be offered to contractors: General Liability, Cargo, and While Under Dispatch Liability.

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General Liability

Protects against third-party claims such as bodily injury, property damage, and advertising or reputational harm

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Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance provides additional protection to goods while in the contractor's custody

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While Under Dispatch

The WUD policy fills important gaps, covering what a personal auto policy cannot should an accident happen

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General Liability Insurance

A good GL policy offers you and contractors critical safeguards against a variety of third-party claims while a driver is under dispatch, including:

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    Medical bills and legal costs if someone is injured while a contractor is on dispatch and they are liable
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    Legal and replacement costs if someone else’s property is damaged while a contractor is providing services
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    Legal costs against claims of libel, slander, or that a contractor's advertising looks too much like theirs
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Cargo Insurance

You know accidents can happen but covering damages out of pocket or making claims on your corporate policy hurts. And so does getting drivers to reimburse you. Ensuring drivers have their own cargo policies can:

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    Avoid the “chargebacks” trap if a contractor churns out before you can recover damages
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    Take the burden off your business by avoiding claims on your company policy
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While Under Dispatch Liability

The WUD policy is a specialized commercial liability policy that covers what a personal auto policy can’t if an accident happens while under dispatch. The WUD policy offers:

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    $300,000 or $500,000 combined single limit commercial auto coverage for contractors while on dispatch
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    No burden of tracking individual declaration pages and monitoring expiration dates
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    The opportunity to negotiate better hired and non-owned rates since the policy has a higher attachment point
Enjoy peace of mind
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      Another layer of business-to-business protection
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      Further defense against misclassification lawsuits
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      Removes responsibility from your business
Contractors win too
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      Competitive rates with no down payments
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      Quick, stress-free onboarding and enrollment
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      Settlement deducted premiums so contractors aren't charged for weeks not worked

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